The outbreak of World War I places Scots officer Geoffrey Richter-Douglas in an uncomfortable position. Although his allegiance is to Britain, his mother was from an aristocratic Bavarian family, and he spent his summers in Germany as a child. When Geoffrey is approached by a German spy who offers him a chance to defect, he reports the incident to his superiors, but instead of arresting the spy they suggest that he accept her offer--and become an Allied agent. In Germany, among old friends, Geoffrey discovers that loyalty is more complicated than he expected, especially when he finds himself aboard the maiden voyage of a powerful new prototype Zeppelin, headed for Scotland on a secret mission that could decide the outcome of the war.

Sunbeam 3½ hp

3½ hp
minor vehicle

Sunbeam motorcycle probably around 1916. http://www.localhistory.scit.wlv.ac.uk/Museum/Transport/Rallies/Sunbeam2005/photos1.htm

Most likely a 3 1/2 hp model.

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Zeppelin poster

Year 1971
Minutes 100
Category Movie
Genres Adventure Drama War
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