Your Cheatin' Heart

Year 1990
Minutes 50
Category TV Series
Genres \N

BMW R80RT Episode: 2

BMW R80RT 00:38:51 minor vehicle BMW R80RT wiki


R 60, 80 RT Police?

Yamaha FZX750 Fazer Episode: 5

Yamaha FZX750 Fazer 00:37:01 background vehicle

Yamaha XJ 750 Fazer

FZX 750 Faser (FZ 20 valve motor)

Yamaha XJ750 Episode: 5, 6

Yamaha XJ750 00:12:56 minor vehicle Yamaha XJ750 wiki

Should be these 2 captures from same sequence Registration number: VRS 740X ✗ Untaxed Tax due: 01 December 1991 MOT No details held by DVLA Vehicle make YAMAHA Date of first registration 14 May 1982 Year of manufacture 1982 Cylinder capacity (cc) 748cc Fuel type PETROL Export marker No Vehicle status Not taxed Vehicle colour WHITE Also seen in ep5, 37-30

Norton ES2 Episode: 6

Norton ES2 00:02:38 chase

To lug a sidecar around? Most likely an ES2 Link to "" Could it be same one as /vehicle_542907-Norton-ES2.html ?? Sidecar looks identical shape. Sidecar seems to be a Noxal - Link to "" , Link to "" - note the plate - DSL 556 . No idea how many Norton/Noxal combos are still around, but might as well list the DVLA info Registration number: DSL 556 ✗ Untaxed Tax due: 01 July 2016 MOT Exempt Vehicle make NORTON Date of first registration 01 July 1999 Year of manufacture 1954 Cylinder capacity (cc) 500cc Fuel type PETROL Export marker No Vehicle status Taxed and due Vehicle colour BLACK

That episode of 'Strangers' was set in Glasgow which lends some support to the same bike theory.