You jian shao ye

Chung (Max Mok) and Peter (Chin Kar Lok) are two loyal friends who move from scrape to scrape with the latter often being saved by the former. When a loan shark (Shing Fui On) and his heavies start to put considerable pressure on Peter because of his copious debt, Chung devises a plan that puts the villains behind bars. This proves to be especially well-timed when Peter announces that he is getting married and Chung himself finds also falling in love. Unbeknownst to Chung though, his new love is in fact the daughter of a wealthy real-estate tycoon and all of his subsequent attempts to earn a living are all being orchestrated by his potential father-in-law. These tests are put into perspective when Chung's nemesis is freed from prison and immediately sets his sights on revenge...

Yamaha XJ650 Police

XJ650 Police
minor vehicle

Yamaha XJ 650 Police

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You jian shao ye poster

Year 1992
Minutes 96
Category Movie
Genres Action Comedy Romance
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