Withnail & I

In 1969, two substance-abusing, unemployed actors retreat to the countryside for a holiday that proves disastrous.

Indian unknown

background vehicle

The only information the RAC gives me for this numberplate is the engine size, 250cc. And this is what Autotrader says: Vehicle Registration Mark VNU496 Make OTHER BRITISH MAKES Model OTHER Transmission & fuel type PETROL Body Type MOTORCYCLE Colour RED So now we know it's British. ??? I don't use mycarcheck. I use the vehicle check on Auto Trader and the DVLA database. Plate issued April-May 54. The vehicle VNU496, a Indian (Other Makes - DVLA site) The vehicle details for VNU 496 are: Date of Liability 28 11 2012 Date of First Registration 05 04 1954 Year of Manufacture Not Available Cylinder Capacity (cc) 250cc Vehicle Colour RED edit: I know little (nothing really) of Motor Cycles so will leave it for others / more expert / to comment. It's a James Comet, 1954 is about right, but not an Indian! Cheers, Alex Shouldn't this comment be commented? Well the plate was registered to an Indian (cf Sunbar's comment) but we lack of bike experts It still makes the strangest of the Indians!

Here is a James Comet with rigid frame. It's a tiny machine. To me, should this be a James (and actually, I'd take it for a 2-stroke, yes), this would be more likely a James Captain or Colonel or Commodore. Easyly available documentation somewhere? This James site does not show too much profiglacy for the poor amateur.

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Withnail & I poster
Director Bruce Robinson
Actors Richard E. Grant, Paul McGann, Richard Griffiths, Ralph Brown

Year 1987
Minutes 107
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Drama
Awards 1 win & 1 nomination.
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