Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs poster
Director Walt Becker
Actors Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy
MetaScore 27
Year 2007
Minutes 100
Category Movie
Genres Adventure Comedy
Awards 4 nominations.

A group of suburban biker wannabes looking for adventure hit the open road, but get more than they bargained for when they encounter a New Mexico gang called the Del Fuegos.

Honda CB250

Honda CB250 background vehicle Honda CB250 wiki

Honda CB250 - date ??? late 80s on.

This is a Honda CB 250 T 1980

Harley-Davidson Chopper

Harley-Davidson Chopper 00:34:59 background vehicle

On the right.

Prototype of the "Greenie" made by Orange County Choppers.

Harley-Davidson Dyna

Harley-Davidson Dyna 01:13:43 minor vehicle

Laquelle: la Harley, la Harley ou les Harleys du fond? La Harley. Peu importe, une des deux en avant-plan


Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

Scène coupée au montage Just in deleted scenes? I could've sworn this appeared in the actual movie, as a background vehicle in the first scene with the motorcycle cop.

It did, but it was a bit to blurry and far background to tell what it was. BTW it also appeared as a background vehicle in the 2nd seen with the cop, but also a bit to far background.

Harley-Davidson FL

Modèle FL équipé d'un moteur Knucklehead (avant 1948) Une vue de l'arrière de la moto

Il s'agit de la moto à droite de l'image précédente

Harley-Davidson FLH

Harley-Davidson FLH 00:34:53 background vehicle Harley-Davidson FLH wiki

Green, on the left. They mention a FLH emblem, I suppose that it is a Harley then?

Il s'agit bien d'une Harley-Davidson FLH. La moto à gauche est beaucoup plus intéressante. C'est une FLSTS Softail Heritage Springer sortie en 1997 (connue également sous le nom de "Ol'Boy") La moto du film est de série (non modifiée comme les autres Harley)

Harley-Davidson FLSTFSE Fat Boy

Harley-Davidson FLSTFSE Fat Boy 00:29:26 main character

Woody's (John Travolta) bike Has a sidecar for a short time: Late model Harley-Davidson FXST Softail - customised as most H-Ds are.

fatory stock special edition Screamin Eagle Fatboy FLSTFSE

Harley-Davidson FXRS Low Glide

Harley-Davidson FXRS Low Glide 00:43:12 background vehicle

NOT a harley... Sûr c'est une Harley (peut-être un bon vieux Shovel) Bizarre le carburateur et le filtre à air sont à droite modèle FXR

Harley-Davidson FXRS 1340 Low Glide

Ural IMZ 8.103

Ural IMZ 8.103 00:10:43 background vehicle

Dniepr 650... Definitely It's Ural Tourist 2WD, made in Russia after 2000 year. And it have nothing common with Dnieper Its not a Tourist....and its not 2WD. I own one....same color, same everything. Mines a 1997 Ural Deco Classic. I cant say for certain what year it is.....as I dont know what years they offered that color. But I do know for sure its a Deco Classic.....not a Tourist.

URAL-650 sidecar

Harley-Davidson Panhead

Harley-Davidson Panhead 00:39:08 minor vehicle

- Who owns a '48 Panhead outside? (then he offers to trade the '48 Panhead for the other guy's Sporster) - No, no, no, this is Joker's Panhead - It's right over here. The red one, the Panhead Le Panhead est la moto à gauche. La moto au centre est une FL (moteur Knucklehead)

Une erreur dans le film alors?

Honda Shadow Aero 1100

Honda Shadow Aero 1100 01:14:20 background vehicle

I think the red and the blue bikes on the right are both variations of the H-D FXST Softail Custom. Maybe they bought a bulk lot of them for the movie. I doubt that they bought any bike, H-D must have provided these. Ce ne sont pas des Softail custom. La moto noire à droite est un Fat Boy (il en existe d'autres dans le film) Par contre la moto rouge et grise au centre semble être une Kawasaki VN En attendant d'en être sûr je mets "unknown". Link to "images.google.fr" The red one is a honda shadow aero 1100cc, using harley road king saddelbags I agree with you http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3090/3126965394_d49a7f7f73.jpg its not a perfect match, but the one in the main image just has a lot of non original stuff on the side. This is solved - Honda Shadow Aero 1100cc.

and the blue bike on the right? what is that? HD?

Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Boy

Harley Davidson. No idea about the model. Modified fat Boy..? I'd say FatBoy FLSTF as well Anniversary stripe....2003 Fatboy

Harley-Davidson FLSTF 1450 Fat Boy

Harley-Davidson Softail Springer

On the left. For the one in the middle: /vehicle.php?id=119083 Softail Springer

Harley-Davidson FLSTSC 1584 Softail Springer Classic

Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200

Dudley's (William H. Macy) bike Shouldn't that be "Sportster"? Indeed. But there were some listed as "1200 Sporster" Well that must be wrong, they should be changed to the correct spelling.

Indeed, it should be listed as ''1200 Sportster'' rather than ''Sportster 1200''.

Harley-Davidson Tour Glide

I keep thinking this is a Harley-Davidson Tour Glide

Road Glide

Harley-Davidson unknown

Harley-Davidson unknown 01:28:17 chase

Jack's bike Basé sur une Harley-Davidson Built by Orange County Choppers So harley Davidson Chopper


Harley-Davidson Wide Glide

red one is a Wideglide. not certain one on right is even a Harley

So what is the greenish one?