What a Flash!

The producers of this French film took approximately 100 people, put them on a soundstage and had them improvise this film based on the premise that they are on a spaceship escaping from the dictators of earth and only have a few days to live. Improvisation is a dangerous art-form; unprepared amateurs invariably come up with gross caricatures when challenged to improvise. The actors' choices in this film include an allegorical pageant of the life of Jesus, a marriage, an orgy, and some genuinely affectionate moments. Nonetheless, as an experimental effort in large-group improvisation, the film is instructive. - Clarke Fountain, Rovi

Indian Velo 500

Velo 500
minor vehicle

Very rare! Indian Velo 500. (Floyd Clymer era). Reputedly only 250 built, approx 200 made it to the US, the remaining 50 were stuck in Italy following Clymers death & Velocette bankruptcy. Then - what origin? USA? http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/hof/Classic-Bikes/1970-indian-velo-500

Built in Italy by Italjet using British engines for the US market, errr..... ?

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Year 1972
Minutes 95
Category Movie
Genres Drama Fantasy
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