Wairudo 7

Wairudo 7 poster
Year 2011
Minutes 109
Category Movie
Genres Action

To combat rising crime and terrorist activities in Japan, the Japanese National Police Agency authorizes the formation of a secret motorcycle unit known as the Wild 7. The motley group consists of reformed convicts - ranging from simple thugs to former Yakuza members. The Wild 7 are tasked to take out criminals the police cannot touch - due to the criminal's connections with politicians and wily lawyers.

Honda CB1300

Honda CB1300 00:15:14 main character Honda CB1300 wiki

Honda Base CB 750 FB? Ou mieux: CB 750 Seven-Fifty de la fin des 80'? CB 750 Seven-Fifty

It looks to be a late model CB 1300 with retro styling.

Harley-Davidson Custom Chopper

Harley-Davidson Custom Chopper 00:15:47 background vehicle minor vehicle

H-D Custom Chopper

Suzuki GSX1300

Suzuki GSX1300 00:07:26 chase

Suzuki GSX 1300 R Hayabusa.

Honda RC35

Honda RC35 00:23:01 chase



Yamaha SR500

Yamaha SR 500 "vieillie"? pas viellie, "caférisée" pfuh!, faut tout expliquer M'enfin... T'es qd même d'accord, c'est'y ou nan une SR 500?

oui oui, c'est bien une SR 500 pour moi, sauf si un sournois a utilisé une quatre cents!

Kawasaki ZX-6

Kawasaki ZX-6 00:15:18 chase

Kawasaki, either a ZX-6R or a ZX-10RR.