Year 1994
End 1994
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Action Adventure Drama

Honda VF750 Episode: 1.02

Khaosth what is the star rating? This bike belongs to main character but it in none of episodes deserve for more than 2 stars. Honda VF 750 C Magna

Suzuki GSX600 Episode: 1.12

One of better chases in this season. My favorite. Suzuki GSX 600 F (1990+)?

Episode 3.09 They reused the night scenes from Episode 1.12

Honda CBR900 Fireblade Episode: 2.01

Honda CBR900 Fireblade minor vehicle

Honda CBR 900 RR Fireblade

small chase in Episode 2.08 Episode 2.16 The Henchman of Dekker in Episode 2.01 is now the Boss driving the same Bike

Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Episode: 2.11

three different bikes. Choose the bike that is most identifiable.

Three Harleys, on left a Sportster on right a Softail Heritage Classic

Kawasaki ZX600A Episode: 3.06

Its like a Viper on two Wheels. Features: - You can steer the bike with your head movement - EMP Gun - laser cannon - Force Field - controls inside the helmet and video recording device (all voice activated) Kawasaki GPz 600 R "Ninja" [ZX600A]

agreed Kawasaki GPz 600 R

Suzuki KingQuad Episode: 4.01

Suzuki KingQuad background vehicle

KingQuad? Found a front shot. But the head lights are obscured with additional lights. Might that help?

King Quad see the badge on the side and everything else including rims match

Suzuki RM250 Episode: 4.16

1996-1998 Suzuki RM 250

Sorry for the big break, i will do the missing 6 episodes soon.

Kawasaki GPZ400R Episode: 4.20

Pontiac Firebird Formula in background. Worth to add? I have a slightly better picture for the Firebird, where you can see the front easier.