Vet hard

Bennie, a clumsy criminal who's touchy about his weight, teams up with his adoptive father's biological (serial killer) son, his employees who in his absence turned his snack-bar into a quiche bakery, a suicidal manic-depressive woman and a Yougoslavian who keeps unintendedly blowing things up. They need to get 300000 Euro to get Bennies father a new liver. Complicating matters are that Bennie is

Kawasaki GT750

minor vehicle

ca 1980 Kawasaki Z 500 C'est pas une 500 mais une Z 750 GT (cardan, porte-bagages), voire une Z 550... two stars

C'est une 750, la selle est munie d'une sangle (sur les premières années) contrairement à la 550.

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Vet hard poster

Year 2005
Minutes 88
Category Movie
Genres Action Comedy Crime
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