Year 1978
End 1981
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Crime Drama Mystery

Kawasaki Z1-R Episode: 1.04+

Seen in Robert Urich apartment, but is not used in the first 10 Eps.

Finally used in Ep 1.11:

Kawasaki KX250 Episode: 1.15

KX 250 des années 70? Et la grise au second plan: Suzuki 370 DR...

Agreed, 1977-78 KX 250.

Suzuki RM Episode: 1.15

Suzuki RM minor vehicle

Three Suzuki RMs, either 125 or 250.

Honda CR Episode: 1.21

Honda CR background vehicle

Honda CR cylindrée inconnue

Bultaco Frontera Episode: 1.21

Bultaco Frontera background vehicle

Bultaco Frontera (made in Spain) Not sure about the type, M143 or Mk11

Kawasaki KX80 Episode: 1.21

same like /vehicle_520822-Kawasaki.html ?

Definitely smaller: it's a Kawasaki KX 80.

Bultaco Pursang Episode: 1.21

Bultaco Pursang minor vehicle

Montesa Cappra des Seventies By the decal on the fuel tank, i'd say it's a another Bultaco. Possible...

Pur Sang 250 ou 370. Pour ce qui est de son appellation commerciale...

Suzuki RM250 Episode: 1.21

Suzuki RM?

Oui, Suzuki RM 250.

Kawasaki KZ1000C1 Episode: 2.21

Kawasaki KZ 1000 Police with rare windshield instead full fairings. Oder KZ 900 (mit kickstarter...) ,... und decal Police 1000 ?

M... J'avais pas vu...

Kawasaki KZ1000A2 Episode: Pilot

Kawasaki KZ1000A2 background vehicle - Z 1000 elsewhere but KZ 1000 in the US I think. This one is the optional red colour.