Vampires Anonymous

A vampire trying to get away from his "eating habits", joins a 12-step program.

Piaggio Vespa PX

Vespa PX
main character

A big vespa PX overloaded with retro accessories and an unbelievable number of rearview mirrors! This remarkable scooter comes to the end of its production only now after more than 30 succesfull years on the market. Launced in 1978 is presented now in it's last limited edition named "ultima serie" which has the traditional 2-stroke engine but with catalyser..! Similar heavy equipment: /vehicle_15811-Piaggio-Vespa.html

Typical style for Mod's (hated by the Rockers) More of them in in a British made clip from the early 80ies with Belgian music from the 60ies:

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Year 2003
Minutes 88
Category Movie
Genres Comedy
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