Une femme d'honneur

Year 1996
Minutes 90
Category TV Series
Genres Thriller

Yamaha XJ650 Episode: 1

non, c'est une Yamaha

XJ 650 Turbo...

Kawasaki ZX-9R C1 Episode: 14

Kawasaki ZX-9R C1 minor vehicle

Kawasaki ZX 9 R

1998 ZX-9R C1

Honda CB500 Episode: 15

Honda CB 500 S

it's the CB 500 (the CB 500 S has a different windscreen and light)

Honda CB500 Episode: 18

Honda CB 500 des années 90 et des broques.

BMW R80RT TIC Episode: 2

BMW R 80 RT TIC... Un grand classique...

And I remember when these were considered futuristic.

BMW K75RT Episode: 24

BMW K75RT minor vehicle BMW K75RT wiki

the blue (gendarmerie) in the right


Harley-Davidson Sportster Episode: 24

Harley Davidson (model?)

Looks to have right side final drive so is a Sportster. The drum front brake means 1972 or earlier. It appears to have a fuel tank from one of the bigger Harleys. By the way, Harley-Davidson has a hyphen.

Yamaha TT-R 600 Episode: 24

Yamaha TT-R 600 not sure can be a Honda XR 600 but it's a air cooled engine

Yamaha Thundercat 600 Episode: 29

Yamaha Thundercat 600 minor vehicle

Yamaha Thundercat 600

Piaggio Zip Episode: 29

guess it is a Piaggio Zip 50cc.


BMW K75RT Episode: 3

Does that say "Ducati" on the sides of the fairings?


Piaggio Typhoon Episode: 30

Piaggio Typhoon

BMW R1100 RT-P Episode: 32

BMW R1100 RT-P background vehicle

Je pense à des BMW R1100RT Yes. name is R1100RT-P (1995-2001) very beautiful blue... same French Gendarmerie model http://membres.lycos.fr/scawin/moto/cops_f_8.JPG

Beautiful, beautiful... Tout dépend de quand tu le vois, ce bleu!

Yamaha XT600 Episode: 32

Yamaha XT600 (2001? from color)

XT 600E

Yamaha WR Episode: 33

Yamaha WR minor vehicle

Being blue it is probably a Yamaha.

wr series

Honda RD04 Episode: 35

Honda RD04 background vehicle

Honda Transalp?

Honda XRV750 AfricaTwin (1990-92 early model [RD04])

Yamaha YZF750 Episode: 7

kawasaki zx12r edit: with the wider screen and slimmer mirror stalks id place it as a 1992 model Yamaha 600 FZR ?

Yamaha YZF 750