Un enfant dans la foule

Un enfant dans la foule poster
Year 1976
Minutes 85
Category Movie
Genres Drama

Deserted by his father, and dislocated by the Second World War, Paul is a boy who wants affection and attention and cannot find it at home. For a while, he becomes the pet of some German soldiers, running errands for them. Later, he helps the Resistance, and when the Americans come to stay, he is really in his element with them.


BMW R12 00:18:32 background vehicle BMW R12 wiki

BMW ? could be, but is surely CEMEC L7 Une CEMEC L7, même avec ce genre de "cadre" (je ne sais pas comment on dit) enveloppant ? Ce ne serait pas plutôt une BMW R12 ? Some Zündapps had that kind of frame, too. shame on me ! after a second look (poor quality shoot,a pity) BMW R12 steel pressed frame: cadre en tôle emboutie (for DidierF) well done Bon, mais les euh, les culasses sont très BMW, non ?

oui, c'est bien BMW R12