Um Himmels willen

Year 2002
Minutes 50
Category TV Series
Genres Comedy Family


BMW C1 chase

Nos religieuses françaises roulaient en 2CV, en Allemagne, elles se modernisent: Citroën C3 Pluriel... by appointment of her...

In the 70ies, in Germany there was one specific car, known as absolutely typical for nun's - yellow DAF 55 No kidding, many of them were ordered by the Catholic Church. Once a colleague of me has seen the importer's place, when they were arrived - an ocean of yellow DAFjes

Honda Lead Episode: 1.05

Honda Lead background vehicle

Honda Lead

Yamaha XT500 Episode: 1.09

Maybe one of the XT series Yamahas??

This is a XT500, aluminium tank with 81 logo and gold rim.

Piaggio Vespa S Episode: 15.01

Piaggio Vespa S 00:00:44 minor vehicle

Square headlight = S.