Ultimate Force

Year 2002
End 2006
Minutes 74
Category TV Series
Genres Action War

Honda NT650 Episode: 1.01

if the bike in Sandie's picture is the same as the one above it is a honda ntv 650 Link to "www.aztecscooters.com"

BMW K100RT Episode: 1.02

BMW K100RT background vehicle BMW K100RT wiki

K 100 RT

Honda CBR600 F-W Episode: 2.01

Honda CBR600 F-W minor vehicle

600cc according to the DVLA if it helps. Honda CBR 600 F CBR 600 F-W, to be precise

Yes, but the letter W is an internal Honda code to distinguish the years of production, not part of the real name of the model, and it is not written on the bike.

BMW R1150R Episode: 2.04

BMW R1150R minor vehicle BMW R1150R wiki

The vehicle details for FJ02 YNX are: Date of Liability 01 03 2012 Date of First Registration 01 03 2002 Year of Manufacture 2002 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1130CC Vehicle Colour BLACK Vauxhall Agila in front.

Honda ST1100 Pan European Episode: 3.03

Another in 4.04:

Kawasaki Brute Force Episode: 4.01

Kawasaki Brute Force minor vehicle

I think this is different from the Kawasaki one:

not that great main pic... this does look like Kawasaky Brut Force, see the grill and bumpers , light seem to have been covrered what do you all think, is it a match??

Honda XR125 Episode: 4.01

Honda XR125 chase

2003 Honda XR 125 L

Triumph Trident Episode: 4.04

The vehicle details for K355 WNH are: Date of Liability 01 09 2011 Date of First Registration 15 08 1992 Year of Manufacture 1992 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 749CC Vehicle Status SORN Due to Expire Vehicle Colour BLACK

It's a Triumph Trident.