Uchû keiji Gyaban

Year 1982
Minutes 30
Category TV Series
Genres Action Adventure Fantasy

BMW R100RS Episode: 16

BMW R100RS background vehicle BMW R100RS wiki


Honda CB500P Episode: 17

CB 500 Four?? CB 500 Four (y a d'l'échooooo...)

Suzuki GS400 Episode: 17

Period Suzuki GS, looks like the smaller end of the range so 400 or 425

Yamaha XS750 Episode: 22


Yamaha XS 750

Honda CBX400F Episode: 33

Honda CBX400F background vehicle

1982 Honda VF 750 F Interceptor RC15 CBX400F here i found one same perspective http://bakkers.gr.jp/~yasuda/CBX/yamamoto/story.html

Existait aussi en 550. Qu'on reconnaissait à son frein avant (disques "inboard"...)

Suzuki EPO Episode: 44

Suzuki EPO main character

Suzuki EPO [PV50]

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