U2: Elevation

Year 2001
Minutes 4
Category Music Video
Genres Action Adventure Music


BMW K chase

On dirait un massacre sur base BMW K 75 S? No, though the engine seems right. But I watched the video. This here jumps into one scene showing drivetrain on the left - behind the exhaust. K 75/100 had their drivetrain on the right. So it is pretty unlikely that, beside all the other work they would have to do, the builders of this K-75-massacre would change the side of drivetrain, I think... . the video does not show too much more - pitty, this reminds me of something... !

I think it's a computer mock up/ drwaing based on a BMW K-series. Look at the front wheel, it seems that the fork, brake disc and wheel axle our out of line...

Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce

Harley-Davidson sûr. Le modèle ?? Modèle Softail Custom (sans suspensions arrière visibles) /vehicle_155216-Unknown.html

Softail Deuce