Torrente 2: Misión en Marbella

Torrente 2: Misión en Marbella poster
Year 2001
Minutes 99
Category Movie
Genres Action Comedy Crime

For this second film in the cult comedy series Torrente takes our fat police officer from Madrid to Marbella in Spain to investigate a villain’s plot to destroy the city with a missile. This James Bond style slapstick comedy became the most successful box-office film in Spanish film history beating out only the first Torrente film.

Kawasaki GTR1000

Kawasaki GTR1000 minor vehicle

Kawasaki 1000 GTR? (forme du tableau de bord...)

Piaggio Vespino NLX

Piaggio Vespino NLX minor vehicle

These things are called "krads" in Germany. I think this is better off as "Class: Bikes, Moped." No. A "Krad" (old military and actually officiall abbrevation for "Kraftrad") is named every motorcycle. ¿Piaggio (ou Vespa) Vespino?

It's a Vespino NLX.