Top Gear

Director N/A
Actors Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Ben Collins
Year 2002
Minutes 60
Category Non-fiction TV
Genres Comedy Talk-Show
Awards 12 wins & 16 nominations.

The hosts talk about everything car-related. From new cars to how they're fueled, this show has it all.

Suzuki GSX-R750 Episode: 10.05

the bike is a suzuki gsxr 750 with out the the fairing It's an unfaired something - it's too untidy around the instrument binnacle.

Agree. 1985 Suzuki GSX-R 750.

Piaggio Vespa ET4 Episode: 10.05

Piaggio Vespa ET4 background vehicle

2002 Piaggio Vespa ET4

Suzuki GS750 Episode: 1.02

Suzuki GS750 background vehicle Suzuki GS750 wiki

The bike in the front looks like a Suzuki GS 750.

Honda PA50 Camino Episode: 1.02

Honda PA50 Camino background vehicle

Honda Camino, nan?

Yamaha YB100 Episode: 1.02

Yamaha YB100 background vehicle Yamaha YB100 wiki

the blue bike in the front looks like yamaha fs1e

Big brother - YB100.

KTM Duke 690 Episode: 11.06

KTM Duke 690 background vehicle KTM Duke 690 wiki

KTM 690 Duke.

Ural 650 Episode: 12.08

Ural 650 background vehicle

it's an IMZ URAL 650 cc

M-63 or M-66

Honda C50 Episode: 12.08

Honda C50 main character Honda C50 wiki

It's a Super Cub

1983-85 Honda Super Cub 50 STD [C50]

Honda Chaly CF70 Episode: 12.08

Honda Chaly CF70 background vehicle

Honda for sure model ??? Un dérivé de Honda Chaly avec un réservoir à la con? Link to "" Voici qui donne bien une idée de la bête dans son état originel, sans ce réservoir additionnel et ces couleurs... (des goûts et des couleurs, hein?)

On display at the National Motor Museum Beaulieu in June 2011.

Honda CR250R Episode: 12.08

i guess Honda CRF serie's yeah it's that CRF250R

Does anybody know what episode this appeared in top gear? I cannot find it in any!

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 12.08

Piaggio Vespa main character

Clarkson in a scooter...well, better said, Clarkson in a bike...that´s epic! I remember his blames for having to drive the Vespa, was so funny. My Favourite Episode ! Jemery Clarkson seen lik dono ride a Bike ... But the Vespa is really difficult to ride ! On display at the National Motor Museum Beaulieu in June 2011. "I'm afraid my new look has been ruined because somebody has written penis on my helmet!"

The specials were the best. Alabama. Woman at gas station "Are you a bunch of queers looking for trouble in a hick town?" Jeremy "I'm not gay, I'm married."

Vincent 1000 Black Shadow Episode: 13.01

Black Shadow or Black Lightning? Hammond said fastest bike in the world, meaning a Black Lightning. 1952 The vehicle details for 750 UXL are: Date of Liability 01 01 2011 Date of First Registration 24 01 2006 Year of Manufacture 1952 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 998CC CO2 Emissions 0g/Km Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not Applicable Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour BLACK Vehicle Type Approval

He specifically said Black Shadow.

Suzuki RM-Z Episode: 13.03

Suzuki RM-Z minor vehicle

suzuki rm-z

BMW S1000RR Episode: 16.01

BMW S1000RR minor vehicle

Space between S and 1000, S 1000

The vehicle details for RO10 UZD are: Date of Liability 01 04 2011 Date of First Registration 23 04 2010 Year of Manufacture 2010 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 999CC CO2 Emissions 0g/Km Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not Applicable Vehicle Status Licence Not Due Vehicle Colour MULTI-COLOUR Vehicle Type Approval

KTM EXC-F Episode: 16.02

KTM EXC-F chase

Jeremy: 'Here are your bikes, They're Australian.' TG Aus: 'They are not!' Jeremy: 'What Are they then?' TG Aus: 'AUSTRIAN!'

It's safer to list it as 2011 KTM EXC-F.

Kawasaki KLX125 Episode: 16.02

The vehicle details for RO10 XSR are: Date of Liability 01 04 2011 Date of First Registration 28 04 2010 Year of Manufacture 2010 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 125CC CO2 Emissions 0g/Km Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not Applicable Vehicle Status Licence Not Due Vehicle Colour GREEN Vehicle Type Approval L3

Honda WW125 Episode: 16.02

Honda WW125 minor vehicle

KTM LC4640 Adventure Episode: 16.03

KTM LC4640 Adventure minor vehicle

I'm pretty sure the Albanian Policia Rrugore use Moto Guzzi motorcycles, but I don't know the exact model.

KTM 640 LC4 Adventure

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 18.0

Piaggio Vespa minor vehicle

Suzuki GSX-R750 Episode: 19.02

isn´t it reading SUZUKI on fuel tank? of course dragster conversion Link to "" here similar Pro Stock dragster SUZUKI 1995 Link to "" GSX 1100 probably today Hayabusa is used for conversion Link to "" Link to "" drag racing for educational reason is far behind imagination here, how did you find this So, this would make this the third GSX 750 R on the site, wouldn't it? I googled for "Suzuki Las Vegas Fire Dept" and "Drag racing Las Vegas Fire Dept" Hi atom, thank you, as it reveals research effects searched same tags, added motorbike, but still no result, as google mixes with older finds of similar tags depending on IP adresse, contaminating the new research For e.g. if you have searched before: James Bond Las vegas and Gladiator fire engine.

1994/95 that´s exactly the model, the front wheel looks like.

Gas Gas unknown Episode: 20.02

Gas Gas trials bike - - a 2013 model I presume though I don't know what size engine it has.

Triumph Rocket III Episode: 20.06

Triumph Rocket III

Honda CBR600F Episode: 5.09

The vehicle details for RY53 UDL are: Date of Liability 01 04 2007 Date of First Registration 06 01 2004 Year of Manufacture 2004 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 599cc Fuel Type PETROL Vehicle Colour RED

Honda FL400 Pilot Episode: 6.10

Honda FL400 Pilot minor vehicle

1989 or 1990,was imported in few units also in Italy,was the replacement of 1978 1st quad ever built by Honda,the sand-kart-alike Odyssey

These are a wonderful machine, fast and fun, a source from inside HONDA told me they only produced a total of 4500 89 and 90 Pilots for sale inside the USA, I am not sure how many were produced total. More great info on these machines and pictures can be found on my web site Enjoy.

Yamaha IFZ450 Episode: 6.10

Yamaha IFZ450 minor vehicle

yamaha ifz 450 2006 I doubt that it is from 2006 seeing the episode number. Current season is 8 I think.

not a 2006 it's a 2007 se, the 2006 was yellow Link to ""

Kawasaki KVF750 Episode: 6.10

Kawasaki KVF750 minor vehicle

Looks like Kawasaki KVF 750 4x4.

Honda TRX450 Episode: 6.10

Honda TRX450 minor vehicle

honda trx 250 ex 2006 WRONG. This is a 2005 Honda TRX 400EX

this is a honda trx 450r 2004 or 2005

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 7.05

Piaggio Vespa minor vehicle

At the beginning of the Bugatti Veyron vs. Cessna race, May and Hammond use these to get to the airport.

BMW C1 Episode: 9.06

BMW C1 background vehicle

BMW C1 Wasn't it said "no background traffic vehicles" in this show? (in general in documentaries & tv shows, but in particular here where there are already so many vehicles)

I listed it because you don't usually see these covered scooters and there's only a few on the site. That's unavoidable with a long running show that's completely about cars.