The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Year 1964
End 1968
Minutes 50
Category TV Series
Genres Action Adventure Crime

Triumph 3TA Episode: 1.08

Triumph From the shape of engine & tank badge, I'd say Triumph Twenty one (1958-63 [3TA])... I think it's modified 'bathtub' model because there are no brackets for to hold the sidecover. Also front & rear fender was cut off, and license plate holder is sets unusual position.

Montesa Diablo 175 Episode: 1.08

Montesa Diablo 175 minor vehicle

Me rappelle une vieille Espagnole de mes connaissances... Bultaco ou Moontesa... Montesa El Diablo 175 or 250

Royal Enfield Apache Episode: 1.12

Royal Enfield Apache minor vehicle

A Steib sidecar attached to what looks like at 1st glance to be a big Enfield (Constellation/S1 Interceptor). Enfield ou Royal Enfield?

Royal. I'm going out on a limb here saying I think it's a Royal Enfield "Indian" Apache, built in the UK and badge engineered as Indian after big V twin production ended.

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 1.13

Piaggio Vespa background vehicle

Piaggio Vespa

Harley-Davidson unknown Episode: 1.15

Harley-Davidson unknown minor vehicle

A bit of a confusing one, a flathead '45 with FL front end? Or it's a servicar with one wheel missing?

BSA A65 Episode: 2.09

Suppsed to be the same --> /vehicle_540148-Triumph-Trophy-TR6.html

Different bikes all together, the one on this page is a unit construction BSA A65.

Triumph TR 6 Trophy Episode: 2.09

Rather BSA than Triumph? Sidepanels look like Triumph .

confirm, Triumph we could see the push rod tunel in front of the barrel

Triumph Speed Twin Episode: 2.11

Triumph? sidepanesl check , front mudguard check , yes I would say Triumph Triumph, typical timing cover ASO

Triumph T120 R Episode: 2.20

Triumph T120 R minor vehicle

BSA Lightning? Triumph Bonneville T120R

Ep. 2.21

Honda C110 Episode: 2.28

Honda C110 minor vehicle Honda C110 wiki

Can't see the exhaust so any one of these 3, Link to "" Shall we say C110?

Honda C105T Episode: 2.30

Honda C105T, Postie bike for our Australian friends

Honda CL77 Episode: 2.30

another Triumph ? no, this time Honda by wings on tank. 1965 Honda CB77 Superhawk with slightly modified front fender rod here a 1964 Honda CB77 to compare to I was convinced from the start that they were Hondas. Good for you. I think honda CL77. have seen mid 60ies Hondas that silver/red livery here in Germany in 1965 on german market maximum was Honda 450 but >>>170 Km/h it was called "Feuerstuhl" or "Hei├čer Ofen" OK, et la preuve: Link to "" et voila, certain difference CB77, nice museum, merci! for e.g. steering damper on CL

Merged - Ep. 3.05

Honda CB450K0 Episode: 3.03

Honda CB450K0 minor vehicle

CB450 K0 Black Bomber

Piaggio Vespa 125 GTR Episode: 3.04

Piaggio Vespa 125 GTR minor vehicle

Piaggio Vespa 125 GTR?

Honda CB450 Episode: 3.29

All Honda CL77s. Only produced 1965-67. This pic shows the range of colours available.

Middle-right is the CB450.

Honda CB450K0 Episode: 3.29

1965 Honda CB 450 K0 "Black Bomber".

Honda CL77 Episode: 3.29

Honda CL77 chase minor vehicle Honda CL77 wiki

Mainly CL77's and a CB450, the one in a heap on the floor is more difficult, I suspect it's British

Honda Super Cub110 Episode: 4.06

Honda Super Cub110 minor vehicle

Honda cub ? Yes, early C100 It's a 1963 onwards CA102. CA means American spec (no turn signals) and 102 is electric start version.

Honda Super Cub 'Rally' Episode: 4.06

Honda Super Cub 'Rally' minor vehicle

Honda Super Cub "Rally"

Honda Super Cub 'Roadster' Episode: 4.06

Honda Super Cub "Roadster"

Harley-Davidson FLH Episode: 4.15

Harley-Davidson. EDIT: It`s most likely an FLH model of some kind.