The Last Slumber Party

On their last day of high school, Linda, Tracy and Chris celebrate by having a slumber party at Linda's house. A few boys drop by and the beer flows like wine. Just good, clean, fun-loving kids. But the girls have another visitor, one they don't yet know about. Hiding in the house is a homicidal maniac who has just escaped from a mental hospital. Armed with a scalpel, the nut slashes a little here, a little there as he sneaks from room to room. One by one the guests start disappearing. What evil lurks there? What nightmare world have they entered? The plot is twisted inside out leaving you stunned and clinging to your chair as you witness shock after horrifying shock. The ending will leave you breathless. And now, the blood flows like wine. Features a heavy metal rock sound track by FIRSTRYKE.

Piaggio Vespa PX

Vespa PX
minor vehicle

Piaggio Vespa PX or copy?

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The Last Slumber Party poster

Year 1988
Minutes 80
Category Movie
Genres Horror
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