The Knock

Year 1994
End 2000
Category TV Series
Genres Action Crime Drama

Suzuki DR650 Episode: 2.03

Registration number: L451 NGS ✗ Untaxed Tax due: 01 October 2004 Vehicle make SUZUKI Date of first registration February 1995 Year of manufacture 1994 Cylinder capacity (cc) 640 cc Fuel type PETROL Vehicle colour BLACK

Kawasaki ER 250-B2 Episode: 2.03

Kawasaki ER 250-B2 minor vehicle

Registration number: B327 MPD ✗ Untaxed Tax due: 01 September 1996 Vehicle make KAWASAKI Date of first registration April 1985 Year of manufacture 1985 Cylinder capacity (cc) 248 cc Fuel type PETROL Vehicle colour BLACK Is ER 250 B-2 the correct name? That's what comes up on the plate check.

Honda CD200 Episode: 2.05

Honda 250. Finition inconnue en France?

Honda CD200

Kawasaki GPZ305 Episode: 2.10

Kawasaki GPZ305 minor vehicle

I should learn to look closer, it's not a 550 it's a GPZ305.

where can I watch this online?

Yamaha DT125 Episode: 3.04

Yamaha DT125 00:06:43 minor vehicle Yamaha DT125 wiki

La bleue, 125 DTR.La noire, 600 XT...

Yamaha XT600 Episode: 3.04

Yamaha XT600 00:06:54 minor vehicle Yamaha XT600 wiki

Identified here: /vehicle.php?id=959599

Piaggio Typhoon 125 Episode: 4.01

PIAGGIO TYPHOON 125 1997 Registration number: R157JGH Body type: Scooter Colour: Yellow Date of first registration: August 1997

Honda NSR Episode: 4.04

Honda NSR 00:38:35 minor vehicle

Honda NSR maybe 150 build in Spain

Piaggio Vespa PX Episode: 4.04

Piaggio Vespa PX 00:24:46 background vehicle


Vespa PX

Kawasaki Z400 Episode: 5.04

Kawasaki Z400 01:08:22 minor vehicle

Kawasaki KZ 250?

Bigger, that's a 4 cyl' engine, I think it's a Z 400 J.