The Interceptor

Year 2015
End 2015
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Drama

Kawasaki Z800 Episode: 1.02

Kawasaki Z800 00:04:07 minor vehicle

Z 800 (2014?)


Kawasaki ER-6n Episode: 1.04

Kawasaki ER-6n 00:07:52 minor vehicle

1.05: Probably the same in 1.07: (No matches for RO14ENK sadly) RO14 ENX = GREEN 2014 KAWASAKI ER 650 EEF MOTORCYCLE

ER650EEF seems to be another name for what's officially called ER-6n. ID for the correct plate... Vehicle details found: RO14ENK BLACK, 2014 KAWASAKI ER 650 EEF MOTORCYCLE (I seem to have added a number sign when searching the plate - as it's next to the enter key).