The Dick Emery Show

Year 1963
End 1981
Minutes 30
Category TV Series
Genres Comedy


BSA A65L minor vehicle

early 71 plate

A65-L Lightning

Honda CB 750/4 F1

1976 Honda CB 750 F1.

PPB477R on SORN so maybe still with us, again probably Dick Emerys own bike......... Vehicle make HONDA Date of first registration 01 December 1976 Year of manufacture 1976 Cylinder capacity (cc) 750cc SORN in place Vehicle colour RED

Norton Commando Roadster

Reg LOU43L ? Can't trace the plate, but may well be genuine

Looks like it , surprised it never made it onto dvla computer as most 70's Brit bikes are survivors. Unless it met a fiery end . Anyway its a Commando Roadster .


Good chance this and others shown are Dick Emery's own bikes as he was a very keen motorcyclist. A dealer was selling one of his Norton Commandos last year , nice but he was asking £2-3k more than it's normal price , is the Dick Emery connection worth any extra ? not to me. VMG211M still taxed 2008 so very probably a survivor. VMG211M = SILVER 1974 BMW UNKNOWN MOTORCYCLE or DVLA says ✗ Untaxed Tax due: 01 November 2008 ✗ No MOT Expired: 15 August 2009 Date of first registration :31 May 1975 Year of manufacture :1974 Cylinder capacity (cc) :898cc Vehicle status : Not taxed Vehicle colour :SILVER


BMW R 90/6

BMW R 90/6 chase

XGF47N reg. with dvla as 898cc

Ben... Pas compliqué. R 90/6. Première série...

Kawasaki Z1300

Kawasaki Z1300 (six). Specifically which variant I am not sure.

ELX806T Vehicle make KAWASAKI Date of first registration 12 May 1979 Year of manufacture 1979 Cylinder capacity (cc) 1286cc Untaxed Tax due: 01 October 1988 ..........