The Chief

Year 1990
End 1995
Minutes 50
Category TV Series
Genres Drama

Honda CB250 Episode: 1.05

The vehicle details for LGK 742Y are: Date of Liability 28 12 1989 Date of First Registration 26 10 1982 Year of Manufacture 1982 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 249cc Fuel Type PETROL Vehicle Colour BLUE

BMW K75RT Episode: 2.01

BMW K75RT minor vehicle BMW K75RT wiki

2.01: 2.02: 2.03: K75

3.03: 3.04: 3.06:

Yamaha XJR1200 Episode: 3.05

Yamaha XJR1200 background vehicle

yamaha xs?? yamaha xj??? The engine seems to come from a Yamaha FJ 1100/1200. The result looks very similar to this: but I do not know if there existed a similar stock bike... This is a 1990s series so the bike is probably a 1980s model. It does bear similarity to this one - - although it does appeared to be lightly customised. Le moteur ressemble bien plus à un FJ (forme du carter de boîte...) Engine from Yamaha XJR 1200

Custom built using the frame & engine from an XJR1200, the rest is a bitza.

Kawasaki KMX Episode: 4.01

Kawasaki KMX minor vehicle

Kawasaki KMX 125 1987-88 KDX plutôt que KMX...

@jplemoine: The sricpt says KMX on the tank.

KTM unknown Episode: 4.01

KTM unknown background vehicle

May have said KTM on the tank...

It is probably a KTM from early 80s, due to the orange frame. But I doubt the headlight and its fairing are KTM.

BMW K100RT Episode: 4.07

BMW K100RT minor vehicle BMW K100RT wiki

BMW K 1100 LT?

1984 BMW K 100 RT.

Kawasaki ZX750A2 Episode: 4.10

Kawasaki ZX750A2 minor vehicle

The vehicle details for A775 NAH are: Date of Liability 01 05 2000 Date of First Registration 30 04 1984 Year of Manufacture 1984 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 738cc Fuel Type PETROL Vehicle Colour RED

Honda MT50SG Episode: 5.02

Honda MT50SG background vehicle

The vehicle details for D630 FCL are: Date of Liability 01 04 1997 Date of First Registration 20 08 1986 Year of Manufacture 1986 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 49cc Fuel Type PETROL Vehicle Colour WHITE

Yamaha TZR250 Episode: 5.02

Yamaha TZR250 background vehicle