The Big Fix

The Big Fix poster
Year 1978
Minutes 108
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Mystery Thriller

Richard Dreyfuss is Moses Wine, a private detective hired to by his former college girlfriend, Susan Anspach, to investigate a political smear campaign. Moses sets out to find out who is responsible, with deadly results, in this comedy-thriller.

Yamaha DT125

Yamaha DT125 01:28:21 background vehicle Yamaha DT125 wiki

Probably a Yamaha DT 125.

Kawasaki KZ400B2

Kawasaki KZ400B2 00:54:09 background vehicle

Dear Admin Anonymous, I can't find the beginnings (or the ending, or the existence) of Kawasaki KZ 400 B2 —but I learn that KZ 400 were built in Japan but also in Lincoln, Nebraska, from 1974. We could have a US-made Kawa here.

Well, I found a mention of the KZ 400 B2, made in 1979. The film has been released in october 78.

Moto Guzzi V 7850GT California

Moto Guzzi V 7850GT California 00:01:48 minor vehicle

Disc brake on the front wheel. V7, 850 GT, ou Ambassador? Moto Guzzi V850 California Police

Mmmh… Our nomenclature is a mess. Well, thanks, Pomtidom.