The Baron

Year 1966
Minutes 49
Category TV Series
Genres Crime Drama


BMW R12 minor vehicle BMW R12 wiki

I think it is a BMW R12. And the red car is maybe a Skoda Felicia. The red car is listed as Skoda Octavia: /vehicle_64531-Skoda-Octavia-1961.html Maybe Octavia or an earlier model 440. Bike - not sure. The shop in the back looks to have a Hungarian or maybe Icelandic name but I'll bet anything this is in Britain. It's a an outdoor set.

I'd go along with R12, looks like a pressed metal frame and you can just see the BMW roundel.

Lambretta Scooterlinea Episode: 1

Lambretta Scooterlinea background vehicle

looking for the scooter..

BSA A10 Golden Flash Episode: 10

jensen interceptor Link to "" BSA??? Page is for the bike. I guess that the car is the CV8 listed there: /vehicle_62129-Jensen-CV8-1964.html (btw, as far as I know, the car on the picture that you gave is not an Interceptor. The Interceptor is the one in background). On voit tout de suite quand il s'agit de décors de cinéma: pourquoi les rues n'ont-elles pas de rigoles? (caniveau, je crois en France!!) Is a Jensen CV8. cf 2 comments above... I agree, its a Jensen CV8, can tell by the headlights cf few comments above I think it's a BSA A10 Golden Flash from early '60's

sorry it's not a bsa at all .It's a Norton Jubilee oil tank ,light wieght AMC forks,plus the colours all point to this.Hope that helps

BSA A7 Episode: 14

BSA A7 minor vehicle BSA A7 wiki

BSA A7/A10

Sympathetic looking rocker type who would go for the 646cc engine, surely.

Triumph Bonneville Episode: 14

It is twin carb so maybe early '60s Bonneville.

I agree. '60-62 Bonneville. (frame-> '60- , silencer-> shorter. till '62)

Velocette Venom Episode: 14

Velocette? Not Velocette with that red badge. Maybe BSA or Ariel. It is a single. '60- Velocette Venom Clubman I'd say ordinary 349cc Viper, possibly a Venom. Not a Clubman with that chromed tank.

Plate looks like 637/657 MPG (Nov 59 to Aug 60) or WPG (Sept 61 - April 62), both Surrey series "allocated in blocks".

BMW R75 Episode: 17

BMW R75 background vehicle BMW R75 wiki

looking for the bike & sidecar

surprenant mais en version "civilisée" BMW WWII R75

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 17

Piaggio Vespa background vehicle

looking for the scooter

Vespa,if location in Spain Moto Vespa

Moto Vespa Vespa 75 Episode: 5

Moto Vespa Vespa 75 background vehicle

That's a strange rearside on that scooter, it looks like a spare tyre??? Souvent vu chez Vespa ou Lambretta, la roue de secours à l'arrière!

The tail-light cluster set into spare tyre's wheel rim recalls me the Spanish-made 1967 Moto Vespa Vespa 75(own a model miniature of this scooterbased on the coque of 1967 Vespa 125,but with 75 cc.enginethat shown same so-placed tail-light and plate panel);but could be wrong...

Triumph 3WH Episode: 7

Triumph 3WH minor vehicle

looking for the motorcycle

Triumph 3WH

Triumph 3T Episode: 9

Triumph 3T chase

Triumph thunderbird 6T 1949-1954 (...maybe !) The engine looks rather small, so it could also be a Triumph 3T

I feel jdny may be right, even if the front wheel doesn't quite convince. Untidy, non-original dual seat.