The Avengers

Year 1961
End 1969
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Action Comedy Crime

Ariel Huntmaster 650 Episode: 2.01

Ep.2.01 "Mr.Teddy Bear" 1955-56 Ariel Huntmaster 650.

Draganfly (sic/ugh) Motorcycles reminds us that the headlamp nacelle introduced on Ariel models in 1956. A neighbour owned a maroon 1955 NH, with the fluted tank. (I bought his rusty 1953 NH, OPO 207, for £2 in 1965, selling for £12-6-0 in 1966).

BSA A10 Super Rocket Episode: 3.21

BSA A10 Super Rocket minor vehicle

BSA A10 Super Rocket 1960-62

BSA A7 Episode: 3.21

BSA A7 background vehicle BSA A7 wiki

BSA twin A7 ou A10 (500 ou 650)

Triumph Speed Twin Episode: 3.21

Hi, Thiumph Regards Vintman Yes definetly a Triumph with bathtub enclosure

Triumph Thunderbird 650?

Royal Enfield unknown Episode: 3.21

Royal Enfield unknown minor vehicle

Hi, Looks like a Royal Enfield. The one on the right looks like a BSA and is London registered 1960. Regards Vintman

Piaggio Vespa GT125 Episode: 4.01

Piaggio Vespa GT125 minor vehicle

Ep.4.01 "The Town of No Return" Piaggio Vespa GT

This not a vespa 125 GT. It is a Vespa Sportique, as built in England by Douglas from 1961 - 1965

Triumph HW350 Episode: 4.11

Triumph HW350 minor vehicle

Triumph TRW? Je recherche... Ou alors c'est une HW 350, version militaire (1940-1945), monocylindre culbuté (ça semblerait coller avec le peu qu'on distingue du moteur) Ep.4.11 "Man-Eater of Surrey Green" Clearly a WW2 BSA M20 here! big petrol cap gives the game away. Cheers, Alex

Any comment on this comment?

Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Episode: 4.20

Ep.4.20 "The Dangers Makers"

Thunderbird 650

Piaggio Vespa GS160 Episode: 4.20

Piaggio Vespa GS160 background vehicle

Ep.4.20 "The Dangers Makers" Should read " The Danger Makers"

Vespa, en 10" la courbure du tablier me fait penser à un 160GS

BSA A50 Star Twin Episode: 4.24

BSA A50 Star Twin minor vehicle

Ep.4.24 "A Sense Of History"

BSA 500/650 Star Watsonian sidecar

Triumph Tiger Cub Episode: 5.03

Ep.5.03 "Escape In Time" Triumph Tiger Cub from around 1965

pre 1963 sports cub

Velocette L.E. Episode: 5.05

Velocette L.E. background vehicle

Oct 61 - June 62 plate

Ariel Leader Episode: 5.10

Ariel Leader background vehicle Ariel Leader wiki

Ep.5.10 "Never, Never Say Die"

Hi, Cca 1960 Ariel Leader. Regards Vintman

Triumph 6T Episode: 6.08

Triumph 6T chase

Ep.6.08 "Mission...Highly Improbable" Triumph Triumph Saint. Not sure of the exact year but the twin front downtube frame and pre unit construction engine suggest about 1962. Triumph 6T Thunderbird from between '57 and '62 1960 was the first year with the twin front down tube frame.

Early 61 plate.

BSA A10 Episode: 7.01

Ep.7.01 "The Forget-Me-Knot"


Triumph T100 Episode: 7.01

Ep.7.01 "The Forget-Me-Knot"

TRIUMPH T100 ou T110

Triumph Tiger Cub Episode: 7.08

Ep.7.08 "All Done With Mirrors" Miroirs Triumph "Cub"


BSA B25 Starfire Episode: 7.23

Ep.7.23 "Take Me To Your Leader" L'homme au sommet BSA B25 Starfire as built from 1967 to 1972

Ep.7.03 "Super Secret Cypher Snatch" Le document disparu