The Amazing Race

Year 2001
Minutes 60
Category Non-fiction TV
Genres Action Adventure Family

Yamaha Fino Episode: 14.08

Yamaha Fino 00:22:02 background vehicle

I think it is a Yamaha Fino. * Mirrored scene

Ural 650 Episode: 17.07

Ural 650 00:03:39 background vehicle


Kawasaki Mule Episode: 18.01

Kawasaki Mule 00:00:52 chase

Kawasaki Mule Looks more like a Polaris ranger to me.

This is actually known as the Mule 3010 rather than just Mule /vehicles_make-Kawasaki_model-Mule+3010.html

Yamaha Jupiter Episode: 19.02

Yamaha Jupiter 00:21:46 background vehicle

Yamaha Jupiter Z 2007/2008 : Link to "" Link to ""

Honda Supra Episode: 19.03

Honda Supra 00:00:18 background vehicle

Kawasaki Mule 4010 Episode: 20.11

Kawasaki Mule 4010 01:18:54 minor vehicle

Honda BeAT Episode: 21.02

Honda BeAT 00:37:46 background vehicle

Beat, just as written on its side.

Year : 2012 Extra Info : CW Built in : Indonesia To avoid confusions between that cabriolet model of the same name, the model should be named "BeAT".

Honda CB250 Episode: 7.01

Honda CB250 01:15:31 background vehicle Honda CB250 wiki

Honda CB 250 Two-fifty des années 90...