Tarancón. El quinto mandamiento

Year 2010
End 2010
Category Mini-Series
Genres Drama

Royal Enfield Bullet Episode: 1

Royal Enfield Bullet 01:03:14 minor vehicle

@ brotherjack or jplemoine, Sanglas 350 , as they had monopol on spanish police motos in Franco aera? Royal Enfield, a Bullet seem this one as a larger optional fuel tank @ andrepa: I live during Franco aera but was not really in touch, or familiar, with spanish police @ brotherjack, sorry, didn't thought of that, but you seem to be fitter to tell the motos they used. @andrepa: no problem,you have not to be sorry, for me it was something like a joke, no more

@brotherjack glad to hear, by the way, no i can see the writing on tank saying ... Enfield.