Ta tsakalia: Ena koinoniko provlima

Ta tsakalia: Ena koinoniko provlima poster
Year 1983
Minutes 103
Category Movie
Genres Action Crime Drama

In a television program dedicated to the problem of drugs, George tells the story of his life which was immersed in the mire of drugs and crime. The troubled relationship with his family, robberies, drugs will revive and the narrative will give an answer to whether love can finally save.

Honda CB750

deleted comment Visiblement non... 750, oui, mais plutôt Honda CBK ( échappement, forme de l'ensemble réservoir/caches latéraux)... two Renault 6 Rodeo left? And a Zastava 1100.

That's a rare model of a very popular "DOHC" Superbike - most popular these days are the CB900F & CB1100F models - but this in particular is a very good basis for a modern custom superbike replica a "super-F" I've got one myself and I'd LOVE to have some key parts from one of these police models. Very very cool bike - if you've got one, hell e-mail me!

Suzuki DR400

Suzuki DR 250 ?

400, voire 500...

Suzuki GS450

either 1981 GS 450 E by round cam shaft cover /vehicle_25595-Suzuki-GS-450-E-1981.html no GSX 250 / 400 E 4 valves square camshaft cover http://motoprofi.com/imgs/a/a/c/r/c/suzuki_gsx_250_1980_4_lgw.jpg but my monitor is broken, waiting for new one to come soon!

Suzuki GS750

1976 GS 750 Link to "www.suzukicycles.org" replaced by GSX750 P Link to "upload.wikimedia.org" keep on surching by suzuki ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΑΣΤΥΝΟΜΙΑ

Police should be added as Etxra. Info. 1980, 'Made for GR' /vehicle_909477-Suzuki-GS-750-1980.html