Year 1975
End 1977
Minutes 50
Category TV Series
Genres Drama Sci-Fi

Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Episode: 2.01

Triumph Thunderbird about 1960.

Honda CB250 Episode: 2.04

1974 Honda CB250. ou 360 J...

Certainly fails to convince as a CB250: exhaust wrong, and not like other CB250 images - sorry, nzc. Not enough engine for a 360; front wheel not right/engine too big for CG125. Honda have produced myriad models so, 'Unknown' for me thus far.

Honda CD175 Episode: 2.04

Honda logo on the tank.

Honda CD175 about 1966.

Suzuki GT250 Episode: 2.04

Suzuki GT250 background vehicle Suzuki GT250 wiki

1975 Suzuki GT250 Ramair.

Ram Air System, pas Ramair...

Husqvarna Unknown Episode: 2.04

Husqvarna Unknown minor vehicle

Airfilter looks just like the one I have on my Husqvarna and indeed, the writhing on the engine ends in "...arna". I don't know the model on this one.

Honda XL250 Episode: 2.04

Honda XL250 background vehicle Honda XL250 wiki

1972 Honda XL250 - the first of the proper Honda trail bikes.