Supercross poster
Year 2005
Minutes 80
Category Movie
Genres Action Drama Romance

Faced with the suspicious death of their father, two brothers must motivate one another to get back on their bikes and take the Las Vegas Motocross Championships by storm.

Honda CRF450

Honda CRF450 background vehicle chase Honda CRF450 wiki

CRF, not CR-F.

Suzuki GSX1300

Suzuki GSX1300 background vehicle

La faute de goût à roulette qui se rapprocherait le plus de cette abomination serait une Suzuki GSX 1300 Hayabusa, mais pas sûr... yeah thats a Suzuki Hayabusa Elle me fait rêver à une inscription sur une des premières cabines-radar en Corse... "SVP, plastiquez-moi!" (voeu naturellement exaucé en moins de 24 heures...)

That is not a Hayabusa, it's a TL1000R. A Hayabusa has more rounded fairings, different frame, swingarm, front fender. Not to mention the movie was made in 1998, the Hayabusa came out in 1999. That's 100% a TL1000R.


KTM SX125 minor vehicle KTM SX125 wiki

If two stroke, then KTM 250 SX (2005), and if fpur stroke, then KTM 250 EXC Racing (2005). And for me it's a four stroke motor (50% sure...) this is a 2003 125sx we can see clearly on the panel...

I agree with Max1349, since the 250 SX has much bigger resonator.

Harley-Davidson unknown

Harley-Davidson unknown minor vehicle

Looks like a custom Harley.

Panhead motor? Maybe, but my poor old eyes can't recognize it, today...

Yamaha YZF450

Yamaha YZF450 background vehicle

Yamaha YZ 450 F (2005)