Squadra antifurto

Squadra antifurto poster
Year 1976
Minutes 102
Category Movie
Genres Action Comedy

A gang of thieves are robbing luxury apartments in Rome, but after emptying the villa of the wealthy Mr. Douglas, the thieves are beginning to die..

KTM 250

KTM 250 chase

Same bike as here /vehicle_289315.html but repainted?

A priori non. Ici, le moteur semble fortement ĂȘtre un KTM 250...

Aermacchi 350 SS

Aermacchi 350 SS minor vehicle

Looks a little like an Aermacchi 350 SS?

Yamaha XS-2

Yamaha XS-2 minor vehicle

It's not an XS650, it's a 1972 XS2.