Year 1991
End 1993
Minutes 50
Category TV Series
Genres Action Drama

Yamaha FZR600 Episode: 1.05

1989 Yamaha FZR 600.

Suzuki GS500 Episode: 1.05

1989 Suzuki GS 500 E.

Suzuki VX800 Episode: 1.05

1990 Suzuki VX 800.

Yamaha TY250 Episode: 2.02

Yamaha TY250 background vehicle Yamaha TY250 wiki

Yamaha TY. 125, ou mieux 250?

Honda CR250R Episode: 3.05

Honda CR250R background vehicle Honda CR250R wiki

1991 Honda CR 250 "Team Peak Design"

You look quite knowledgeable, onkelknippke. You'll find a million opportunities to test yourself here! Please do it again!

Suzuki GSG1100 Episode: 3.05

Suzuki GSG1100 background vehicle

Suzuki GSG 1100?

Kawasaki KX250 Episode: 3.05

Crashes into a Ford Granada: /vehicle_496538-Ford-Granada-1982.html Sandie, do you have other shots? Not saved as images, but the scene is on youtube here: http://youtu.be/s9Nezs8Unjg?t=12m55s

Awesome scene! Good music and smokey two-stroke cross bikes. As for the Kawasaki, it's a 1988 KX 250.