Sous le soleil

Year 1996
End 2008
Minutes 52
Category TV Series
Genres Drama Romance

Honda XR600

XR must be a Honda. The Honda XR series motorcycle have engines from 50 cc to 650 cc. This one looks like 400 ??? From the shape of the saddle I would say it is a 1998 or younger model. It's much older than that!

Not even close to the XR400. It's the XR600 and appears to be a 1992 model. The XR600 was one of Honda's only air cooled models which had the sidepanels tie into the gas tank. The newer appearance was from the redesign in 1988.

Yamaha XT600 Episode: 21

Yamaha XT600E (1996)

Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Episode: 355

It's a Triumph (..i'll have to ask my brother..the Biker... for model info.!) Reply from brother..It's a Triumph Thunderbird.

The same (?) in episode 372:

Kawasaki ZXR750 Episode: 355

Kawasaki ZXR750 (1993-96) Year is specified from the air-inteke beside the head light.

Yamaha Neo's Episode: 358

Yamaha Neo's minor vehicle

c'est soit un Yamaha neo's ou un Mbk ovetto ( meme groupe )

Honda CBX550 Episode: 364

Honda CBX550F (1981-83) now AM4:30 here, good night

Thanks, and good night

Piaggio Typhoon Episode: 366

Piaggio Typhoon (1996-?) The huge grasshopper is aiming from behind Si le tracteur derrière n'a pas encore sa page, on pourrait... Et ça me rappelle un Deutz. Le gilet rose est très mignon, mais dans un registre plus à propos pour ce site, je trouve que le petit Deutz en arrière plan l'est aussi... et je vote pour une mise en page indiv. on voit son petit nez carré dans cette autre page /vehicle_13271-Mitsubishi-Pajero.html

The 'grasshopper' is a Deutz D3006 built 1968-79.

Kawasaki W650 Episode: 373

Kawasaki W650, fin des années 90 ou début de siècle...

Dans l'épiosde 382:

Aprilia Habana 125 Custom Episode: 377

Aprilia Habana 125 Custom background vehicle

Aprilia Mojito 125 Bon... je bats ma coulpe, je me repen(d)s, ô honte sur moi, buêêêrk... C'est pas un Aprilia Mojito, c'est un Aprilia Habana 125...

Retrò-styled scooter,appears around 1998(seems was developed by Aprilia for contrast sales in Italy of Honda Shadow/Joker retrò-scooter,launched few months before)

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Episode: 381

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 minor vehicle

Royal-Enfield 500 Bullet

Ducati Monster 600 Episode: 386

Ducati Monster? Monster Dark ... probably a 600 or 620 ... note single brake disc.

C'est un Ducati 600 Monster (modèle à carbu, on voit pas le système d'injection du 620).

Triumph Tiger 110 Episode: 388

Triumph Tiger 110 minor vehicle

Triumph Tiger 110 (1953)

I am not sure why jple is so sure this is a 1953 T110 as we can't see enough of it. It is definitely no later than 1956 but we can't see the rear suspension or the engine. The first year for the T110 was 1954. All I can be certain of is that it is a Triumph twin from somewhere in the period 1949-56.

Yamaha XV750 Episode: 4

Yamaha Virago (1987-) Year is from the Yamaha rogo. I guess it's Yamaha XV750 Virago, from plain paint(without gradation)

BMW R80RT Episode: 401

BMW R80RT minor vehicle BMW R80RT wiki

Motorcycle is a BMW (R75???). Green car a Renault Laguna.

Au vu du feu arrière et des échappements, je dirais R 80 RT, dernières dotations Gendarmerie.

Yamaha DT125 Episode: 412

Yamaha DT 125 RE

Yamaha Neo's Episode: 413

Yamaha Neo's minor vehicle

Yamaha Neo's

Piaggio Fly Episode: 421

Piaggio Fly minor vehicle

It is a Piaggio Fly (50 or 125, I can't say that)

BMW R100RT Episode: 431

BMW R100RT background vehicle BMW R100RT wiki

BMW R 100?

Alors précisons: R 100 RT...

Harley-Davidson Sportster Episode: 435

the second (orange)

Harley-Davidson Sportster (reconnaissable à la casquette du phare)

Ducati Monster Episode: 444

Buell? Looks like a Mini Moke Mini Moke 2nd serie I think Bike guys Sorry! Buell, although I thought so, too. But: wrong headlights (Yamaha ?), totally wrong exhaust(s) and tank, no rear oil-in-frame pivoted fork. Tank reminds me of the Yamaha Bulldog, looks like some streetfighter-style rebuilt to me... Cagiva Mito?

This is a Ducati Monster with a 916 Frontmask... 4 SURE! The Seat and rest are proof enough... Already saw this type of customizing on the road.. it exists but yes, its ugly!

Suzuki GSF650 Bandit Episode: 446

Suzuki GSF650 Bandit minor vehicle

Suzuki Bandit? Yes looks like a Bandit 600

650 (2005-2006)

Piaggio X8 Episode: 468

Piaggio X8 minor vehicle

Piaggio X8

Honda CB750 Four K6 Episode: 476

Honda CB750 Four K6 minor vehicle

Mid-1970s Honda CB750. Just need to check exactly which year.

1975-6 K6. The last of the original models.

Harley-Davidson XL883 Episode: 53

Again in episode 52: Harley Davidson 883 Sport? Don't see enough of the engine to be sure. Or a japanese Harley lookalike... Added a picture in the comments (maybe before you replied) Harley-Davidson XL883 Sportster 'Harley Davidson 883 Sport' sounds good. It's earlier than 1995 from the 9-spoke alloy cast wheel, but some parts are converted so I can't point the year. not model 883 Hugger???(that with more lower saddle by ground,for be suit for girls that put feet on ground when stop and go) Avec ce guidon plat, c'est bien une Sportster (pas une Hugger, qui étaient équipées d'un grand guidon "cornes de vache") In Italy,thru 1992 to 2004 "883" was also the name of a musical duo(after 1994,becomes a single performer,but retains still that name of the more cheaper of Harleys,of which the main singer of ex-duo,Max Pezzali,was a fan);their debut hit(that gives also title at 1st issued "883"LP in 1992) was "Hanno ucciso L'Uomo Ragno"(=had killed Spiderman),known probably by European hispanic forumers in the Spanish-sung version"Han matado el Hombre Arana"

hugger ou pas hugger difficile à dire de toute façon le guidon n'est pas d'origine (pas de risers sur les modèles d'origine) D'autre part la moto est modifiée (plus de compteur de vitesse)

Yamaha DT125 Episode: 54

Yamaha DT125 background vehicle Yamaha DT125 wiki

Yamaha DT125R or DT200R I don't know it's color valiation in France, so the year is not clear. (this new engine model begins 1988.)

Honda VF750 Episode: 6

Honda VF750C Magna (1994-2003) VF? If I remember, F means Four cylinders, and it semms it is a V-twin motor here... then VT, maybe 750 C... left side right side

OK, OK...

Yamaha XT600 Episode: 6

Yamaha XT-series? (Jun, what's your opinion?)

Yes, sure. Yamaha XT600 (1992 or 1993 from color) Meter cover is slightly cutted.