Shinkansen daibakuha

Shinkansen daibakuha poster
Year 1975
Minutes 152
Category Movie
Genres Crime Drama Thriller

One of the Japanese Shinkansen “Bullet Trains” is threatened with a bomb that will explode automatically if the train slows below 80 km/h, unless a ransom is paid. Police race to find the bombers and to learn how to defuse the bomb.

Honda CB250

Honda CB250 background vehicle minor vehicle Honda CB250 wiki

Honda CB250/350 (1968-70) - fake police motorcycles? The two white motorbikes are early Honda CB250's or 350's (since this is a Japanese movie, 250 more likely?). They just seem to be ordinary bikes painted white. They carry no police equipment, as far as I can tell. They might have been painted over just for this movie. Of interest, this Australian item from the Northern Territory Police Museum: Link to "" This shows what is claimed to be a CB350 police motorcycle (it can't be a 1967 model, as stated - (a), the CB250/350 appeared in 1968, and (b), the fuel tank and side covers are those of a much later K3/K4). I don't know if it's genuine or not. It has the CB450P headlight and speedometer (which would make sense - economy of scales). Also, CMS Parts in the Netherlands sell parts for a "Honda CB350P4 POLICE TYPE" (!). Link to "" So, it's quite possible there indeed was a factory-produced CB350 Police model. Just not the two bikes shown above.

Honda CB450K5

1972 Honda CB450 K5 This is a Japanese movie. The bike has the look of a US K5 (chrome upper forks, black headlight nacelle - on K4's, both were the colour of the fuel tank) but the colour, Candy Gold, is a K4 colour (in the US, at least). As there are a variety of detail differences in several markets (K5's still had a front drum brake in some countries*), I believe this to be a '72 Japanese K5 (to the best of my knowledge). *French K5 with drum brake...