Shi ba

Shi ba poster
Year 1980
Minutes 86
Category Movie
Genres Action Comedy

A combination of God Of Gamblers and The Sting. Git is a young mechanic working for his uncle in a small garage. Git's cousin is tricked out of a large amount of money by a card sharp, and Git promises revenge. But the card sharp, called "Card Devil", works for the ruthless gang boss Kwok, and Git is also tricked. Having pledged the garage against the debt, Git desperately seeks the assistance of the one man who is up to the task of tricking the crooks, Ghost Eye.

Yamaha DT250E

Re- DTMX 125?

1978 Yamaha DT250e

Suzuki GS400

Suzuki GS400 background vehicle Suzuki GS400 wiki

Suzuki GS 400?

Yes, black side panels, later GS425's had side panels painted to match the tank colour.

Triumph T100 R

Triumph T100 R background vehicle

The colour of the tank makes it a 1972 or 1973 Triumph Daytona.