Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Year 1983
End 1987
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Adventure

Suzuki GS1000P Episode: 2.09

Suzuki GS1000P minor vehicle

Harley ? Aucune chance... Kawasaki, plus vraisemblablement...

Circular cam caps, this is a Suzuki.

Harley-Davidson FLHP Electra Glide Episode: 3.03

Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, 300 Indiana Avenue NW, Washington, DC These days, MPD uses Harley-Davidsons. Not sure about the 1980s.

Honda XLS500 Episode: 3.04

Honda XLS500 minor vehicle

think it is more like an Enduro Honda XL 500 or something like that

Honda Elite Episode: 3.11

Honda Elite background vehicle

old Honda ? Yes, Elite. Nothing for the Datsun 1200? no better shot

Made separate entry for it here anyway: /vehicle_891199-Datsun-1200.html

Piaggio Vespa P-Series Episode: 3.11

Piaggio Vespa P-Series minor vehicle

Looks like a Vespa... in the 80s you were safe from chinese crap copies

Yes, Piaggio Vespa P. Still, these weren't devoid of pecularities, either.

Honda XR Episode: 3.12

Honda XR chase

look's like a Honda XR's

Yamaha XT500 Episode: 3.12

Yamaha XT 500 du premier millésime?

Looks too small to be a 500.

Harley-Davidson FLHP Electra Glide Episode: 3.21

so which do we take ? The one on the left.

Harley -Davidson ??

Honda CB650 Episode: 4.06

Honda CB650 background vehicle Honda CB650 wiki

I think the bike on the left is a circa 1982-84 VF 750 C Magna 45 and I think the other two are Honda CB 650 SC Nighthawks from the same era.

Sur la base de la 650 CBX, soit la deuxième version...

Honda Shadow 750 Episode: 4.06

Honda Shadow 750 minor vehicle

Not a Harley, it is a circa 1983 Honda VT750C Shadow.