Saving Private Ryan

Following the Normandy Landings, a group of U.S. soldiers go behind enemy lines to retrieve a paratrooper whose brothers have been killed in action.


Private Richard Reiben (Edward Burns)

This is not a fake but a real Kettenkrad. They were build from 1940 until 1949. After the war they were used for forestry. about 4 were used on screen, the others on back up case of breakdowns. With Opel-engine. People i don't know german but i have read this name as well: Kettenkraftrad. Is it the same? Kettenkraftrad (trackpowerwheel/trackmotorbike) seems to be usually shortened to Ketterkrad (cf. ) As Mike says the terms are identical. First part 'Kette' (plural 'Ketten') means chain or in this case continuous track. Last part 'Rad' is the wheel and also used for bicycle. And the middle part 'Kraft' or short just 'K' means power. In the German language vehicles driven by an engine got the word 'Kraft' added. You still find it today in the abbreviations 'Pkw'='Personenkraftwagen' (people-power-wagon = car) and 'Lkw'='Lastkraftwagen' (load power wagon = truck/lorry). Up to the middle of the last century motorbikes were called 'Kraftrad' or colloquial 'Krad'. Today the word 'Motorrad' is common. Thank you guys There you go folks, if anyone maybe interested: Link to "" ...if you are shocked by the price, please note, that the dealer is the most expensive classic car-dealer at all. And that one, who has the incredible perfect hyperrare classics in his stock...

Please change name: "Sd.Kfz.2" should be put as extra info, since it's only the internal army designation and therefore not part of the model name.

Ural M-63

minor vehicle

I think it might be a russian IMZ-URAL. Ural M-63 or M-66. It has rear swing-arm suspension, so the year is from 1963. notice the burned appearance of this combo? its the same machine which was blown up in the 1979 Harrison Ford movie "Hanover Street". Ils sont pénibles à faire des films aussi mal fait! en plus de l'oural, allez voir le site des erreurs de films, le soldat ryan en est plein This is not M-63 and not M-66. This is M-61 "Irbit", cause i have one of them =) Edited: Sorry, my mistake - M-61 have another fuel tank, it's M-63 .

They really should have used a Chinese built Chang Jiang; a BMW R71 clone. The Chang Jiang is almost identical to the BMW R71, and much more period than a Russian M-63. Is this supposed to be an R75? As it's far from one. I rode a Chang Jiang for 12 years and easily converted it to an R71 by remounting the front fender, simplifying the air filter, and adding BMW emblems and a period tail-lamp. They spent a lot of money to build a German "Tiger," only to have Captain Miller die against to a post-war Russian motorcycle? My only fault to this masterpiece of a film, that I take personally.

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Saving Private Ryan poster
Director Steven Spielberg
Actors Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, Barry Pepper

MetaScore 90
Year 1998
Minutes 169
Category Movie
Genres Drama War
Awards Won 5 Oscars. Another 74 wins & 74 nominations.
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