Savage Hearts

Savage Hearts poster
Year 1995
Minutes 107
Category Movie
Genres Thriller

When a beautiful mob hitwoman learns she only has six months to live, she decides to rob her employers, and go out in style, but the syndicate's head man won't rest until he gets his two million dollars back.


R80RT or R100RT from 1982+..? BMW R80/R100 TIC (Police spec) as built from 1978 (R80) or 1980 (R100) to 1985 The RS has a much lower fairing, the RT has a higher windscreen and more upright rider position and a TIC is an RT adapted to police specs any conclusion on the engine size, 800cc vs. 1000cc..?

I am not convinced that the UK police ever used a R100RT, in my experience they always used the R80RT This is a mockup, when the aircooled boxers were active the livery used orange whereas here they are using the later fluorescent green. The stripe appeared on the lower part of the upper fairing and not as here in line with the headlight. Also look at those big air bubbles in the transfer. Also where are the optional front driving lights ? The police crown should be where the green stripe is placed.