Rita, Sue and Bob Too!

Rita, Sue and Bob Too! poster
Year 1987
Minutes 93
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Drama

Realistic story of working class Yorkshire life. Two schoolgirls have a sexual fling with a married man. Serious and light-hearted by turns. Rita, Sue And Bob Too was adapted by Andrea Dunbar from two of her own controversial plays. Rita (Siobhan Finneran) and Sue (Michelle Holmes) are two teenagers living on a run-down council estate in Bradford who both share a job babysitting for Bob (George Costigan) and Michelle's (Lesley Sharp) children. Whilst giving them a lift home one night, Bob decides to take Rita and Sue up to a deserted, country-side landscape. Clearly knowing what he has in mind, Rita and Sue are only too happy to oblige and both have a sexual encounter with him that becomes a regular occurrence. Despite the blatant politically-incorrect nature of the film, this does emerge as a somewhat controversial, though enduringly amusing film that has a sharp, gritty undertone.

Yamaha RD350

Fonction Edit qui merdoie sur mon phone cet aprèm... Bref: RDLC 250 ou 350. À moins que cette version n'ait été appelée RZ. Va savoir...

Twin disc so it's a post '81 350