Rise of the Footsoldier

The life of career criminal Carlton Leach.

Suzuki GS1100

minor vehicle

The enquiry is complete The vehicle details for HCG 945W are: Date of Liability 01 07 2004 Date of First Registration 25 06 1995 Year of Manufacture 1981 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1100CC CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not Applicable Vehicle Status Unlicensed with Keeper Change Vehicle Colour BLUE Vehicle Type Approval null Vehicle Status Unlicensed with Keeper Change What's that?

Pas vue jusqu'ici. Ben alors... Suzuki GS 1100, tout bĂȘtement!

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Rise of the Footsoldier poster
Director Julian Gilbey
Actors Ricci Harnett, Terry Stone, Craig Fairbrass, Roland Manookian

Year 2007
Minutes 119
Category Movie
Genres Action Biography Crime
Awards N/A
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