Year 1992
End 1997
Minutes 43
Category TV Series
Genres Action Adventure Crime

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

same as this ?? then can be merged /vehicle_141536-Harley-Davidson-Electra-Glide.html

I don't think it's the same model, and I don't know much about bikes.

Harley-Davidson Softail Custom

La première scène du premier épisode de la première saison Gros plan sur le moteur Evolution et la console compteur-contacteur Pour l'actrice (pour ceux qui aiment, suivez mon regard Exceptionnellement le "biker solitaire" a une passagère

Le vrai biker ne gare pas sa moto dans le garage mais dans le salon

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Episode: 1.01

Electra Glide avec moteur Shovelhead

1977 FLH 1200.

Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Episode: 1.01

La moto rouge à droite

Avec ce guidon je bronze même sous les bras

Indian Chief 1200 Episode: 1.05

Indian Post-war Chief I think. I am not sure they changed much from 1941 to 1953. 1946-49 Indian Chief with girder forks, you can just see the top of the girder fork.


Suzuki VS1400 Episode: 1.05

Suzuki VS1400 background vehicle Suzuki VS1400 wiki

Can just make out an oil cooler so VS 1400, 800's didn't have one.

Yamaha XT350 Episode: 1.05

Yamaha XT350 background vehicle Yamaha XT350 wiki

Un reste de semblant de Yamaha XT (250, 350...) allégée? 1984 Yamaha XT250

En fait, il me semble que la partie-cycle de la 250 était peinte en noir, avec une suspension arrière de type "cantilever". La 350 en rouge, avec "monoshock"... Donc 350, et pas 250...

Suzuki TM250 Episode: 1.09

Suzuki TM250 from the late '70s or early '80s.

Harley-Davidson WL Episode: 1.11

Moto déjà aperçue dans le neuvième épisode (la moto à droite)

Harley-Davidson XL1000 Sportster Episode: 2.07

XL1000 Sportster Make?

Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Episode: 2.12

Best guess, FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic.

Harley-Davidson Sportster Episode: 2.12

Red looks Sportster-ish, a side on shot would confirm. Yellow has a Wide-Glide front end, if factory built then FXDWG. red is target bike 0.25 and side at 0.52

Chain drive on the right, Sportster.

Yamaha YZ Episode: 2.14

Yamaha YZ minor vehicle

Suzuki RM250 Episode: 3.07

78- (for the tank shape) -81 (82 went watercooled) Suzuki RM, 250cc? you see a bit more 37.25

I think I'll stick with the RM250, MX bikes are always difficult, especially with the stickers peeled off.

Honda XR Episode: 3.07

Honda XR chase


Yamaha YZ Episode: 4.04

Yamaha YZ chase

Yamaha YZ, engine size?

from 0.48

Yamaha XV750 Episode: 4.15

Moto utilisée pour les cascades (en lieu et place de la Softail Custom) La console du compteur est différente par rapport à la Softail Custom. Cette situation se retrouve également dans le film "La motocyclette" Il est à noter qu'il n'y a pas de compteur Not a Hollywood prop made to look like H-D so they didn't have to wreck the real thing. episode is 4.15 stunt double so would give it 2 stars

Italic mag wheels, 81-83 Yamaha XV750/920 Virago.

Honda GLX1500 Episode: 5.02

Honda GLX1500 minor vehicle

Honda Gold Wing six. US built I guess. The movie date is mid '90s so it is a 1500.

Here it is listed as GLX -

Kawasaki KZ1000P Episode: 5.02

US built Kawasaki.

Harley-Davidson unknown Episode: 5.02

Harley-Davidson unknown background vehicle

VéloSolex... Nah, Winnebago. Two similar but different models. I am not sure exactly but maybe Electra Glide Classic on the left. On the right? Note the different fairing. pick the one which can be ID and if both are ID the rarer I'd choose the purple one. A few years too early for a Street Glide...

10.35 there are more bikes parked if there is something interesting to add