Reel Horror

Reel Horror poster
Year 1985
Minutes 84
Category Movie
Genres Horror

Evil spirits that emerge from cans of old movie film terrorize a neighborhood.


BSA A65L minor vehicle

looks british.? Engine is BSA 650cc from 1962, so BSA Chopper (for comparision, 1965 BSA A65 Lightning)

Not really a chopper - just a Lightning with its forks extended. It probably would suffer lubrication problems with its gearbox.

Honda CB350

possibly british also.? see also pics here:- /vehicle_44568-unknown.html

Poosibly japanese: CB 350 Honda is possible... 30% sure only... But it is not an Harley-Davidson!

Harley-Davidson Panhead

Harley-Davidson Panhead background vehicle

Harley Davidson.?

Yes, Harley-Davidson. It loads 'Panhead' engine from 1948-65.