Race with the Devil

Race with the Devil poster
Year 1975
Minutes 88
Category Movie
Genres Action Horror Thriller

For old friends Roger (Peter Fonda) and Frank (Warren Oates) and their wives (Lara Parker of Dark Shadows and Loretta Swit of M*A*S*H), it was supposed to be "the best damn vacation they ever had." But their RV road trip takes a deadly detour at a secluded campsite when they accidentally witness a Satanic orgy and brutal human sacrifice. Now horror hits the highway as the couples are chased by blood-crazed cultists through some of the most intense crash-and-burn mayhem of the decade and into one of the greatest twist endings in drive-in history.

Bultaco Alpina

Bultaco Alpina background vehicle

Bultaco Alpina? Bultaco unknown...

Honda CB200T

Honda CB200T background vehicle Honda CB200T wiki

A trio of Honda CB 200 T's

I take it this dealership sold more than just Kawasakis.

Kawasaki F12 MX450

Kawasaki F12 MX450 minor vehicle

Tiens, l'Espagne fait des deux-roues? J'savais pas! Viva Espana! Bê vi... Et depuis longtemps déjà! Judging from the other pictures this is probably not a Bultaco, rather a Kawasaki. Especially the way the cylinder head appears cantered forward, something that would never be on a Bultaco. The first picture that carchasesfanatic posted was obviously a Bultaco (probably a Sherpa S) but in the background you can see the green Kawasaki from the main picture. The bike Peter Fonda is about to race in this scene (plate number 22) appears to have a Kawasaki motor but I believe the frame is an aftermarket flat track item (look ma, no front brake!). Fonda's leathers sport the Kawasaki name and logo. You can also read the Kawasaki name on the bike's fuel tank and tail section. I can't make out what size the motor is but it seems fairly large (maybe a 450cc unit from a 1973 F12MX?). It is a short track event, so 450cc limit, yes.

Kawasaki KX250

I believe that was a Kowasaki, not sure of the model though

Kawasaki KX250 (1974) http://www.cyclechaos.com/wiki/File:1974-Kawasaki-KX250-Green-6401-2.jpg Link to "327ridersclub.blogspot.ca" http://www.cyclechaos.com/images/6/6f/1974-Kawasaki-KX250-Green-6401-3.jpg Le réservoir d'essence, normalement vert « Kawasaki », a été repeint.

Triumph T140V Bonneville

T 140 V Bonneville (750) & Bultaco Pursang