Quadrophenia poster
Year 1979
Minutes 120
Category Movie
Genres Drama Music

Based on the 1973 rock opera album of the same name by The Who, this is the story of 60s teenager Jimmy. At work he slaves in a dead-end job. While after, he shops for tailored suits and rides his scooter as part of the London Mod scene.

BSA A7 SS Shooting Star

BSA? Vi, mon lapin! Pretty sure this is a BSA, perhaps a Gold Star.

Looks more like a customised A7SS from the blackness of the barrel and shape of the exhaust pipe

Norton Commando 750

Make your choice, they are all 2* The closest bike tihe crossbar on the handlebars is one of the Triumph high-pipe models fomr the late 1960s - maybe a TR6C. The bike on the far left with the alloy look instrument is a Norton Commando.

Not a Commando. Would not have been period-correct for the movie. As you can see in this side shot that all of the bike are much earlier than the Commando (1968). /vehicle_200228-Triumph-T-100-1967.html

Lambretta DL

Lambretta DL background vehicle

Lambretta? Link to "images.google.fr"

Ce sont 3 lambrettas. Les 2 du fond son des DL (appelés GP pour le marché anglais. Le cut du 1er plan est sans doute un DL aussi, mais il manque tant de morceaux qu'il est difficile de l'affirmer


BSA M21 background vehicle BSA M21 wiki

Definitely a BSA but I think something of a hybrid or else a very rare variant. It has the later tank badge but the earlier plunger rear suspension and has a side valve motor. The motor looks too big to be a C10 250 so I think it is the old M20 500. Date about 1953. Non-original seat and front brake.

I am riding the BSA in the pic and still own it. I am the third owner and knew both the previous owners. It is a 1958 M21 (600cc sidevalve). It is a rare civilian model (most were made for the AA). It is completely original. I acquired it in 1975 as a sidecar outfit (double adult Watsonian). I rode it as a solo and outfit (single seater) until the mid eighties. It then spent many years in a corner of the garage. Three years ago I cleaned it up, re-attached it to the single seater sidecar and use it as often as I can. It runs as sweetly as ever and has now done 41,000 miles. If anyone is interested I'll post current pictures.

Triumph T100

Triumph T100 background vehicle minor vehicle Triumph T100 wiki

Triumph et BSA

The Triumph in the middle could be a T100 from about 1967-'68. The BSA A65 or A50 on the right is a mid-1960s model with early 1970s front forks.

Piaggio Vespa

Piaggio Vespa main character chase

It's a Lambretta GP. There's no vespa here i'm afraid...