Qiu ai fan dou xing

Qiu ai fan dou xing poster
Year 1985
Category Movie
Genres \N

Hung is a street-wise smart aleck and Mak is his dumb sidekick. They are partners, mostly in unlawful jobs. One night, the two are spotted by Zaza in the middle of a heist. Consequently, they go to jail. Hung hates Zaza for this. In prison they are befriended by old timer Hui. The three run afoul of boss Orca and try to avoid Orca by insulting chief warden Ko. They are brought before correction officer who is none other than Zaza. Hung hates Zaza more.

Yamaha 31K

Yamaha 31K minor vehicle

Yamaha RD500LC Ça serait pas plutôt une 31K? (350 RDLC?)


Yamaha DT125

1981 XT-something

1981 DTMX (Two-stroke), 125 vraisemblablement...