Prends la route

Jacques is a jolly bachelor who lives a wild life with his a mistress Wanda and all he wishes is to go on living the way he does. But Father won't allow. He demands that Jacques get married. More or less reluctantly, Jacques decides to comply but on the way to his father's home - where he is to meet the bride Dad has chosen for him - the young man comes across the charming Simone and falls in love with her at first sight. He elopes her, determined to ignore his progenitor's orders. Little does he know that Simone, the girl of his heart, is none other than the one he was supposed to marry...

Norton CS1


Helmets? .. what for? I like this byke This is a Norton CS1 (for camshaft 1) This is the 500cc overhead camshaft engine that was also used in the factory racing bikes. Date about 1929. Probably as fast as any bike on the road in its day. Correct, it's the first model CS1 with the engine designed by Walter Moore.

C'est la machine de Potopoto (Georges Tabet) qui emporte aussi Mlle Denise (Monette Dinay). Il chante à l'occasion une chanson qui dit qu'en moto, si on a un accident, on n'a pas les désagréments de l'accident en auto, tels que les éclats de pare-brise dans le visage ou le thorax défoncé par le volant. "— Pourquoi ? lui demande Mlle Denise. — Parce que en moto, c'est la mort sans phrase." (Song) "None of these annoyances like windshield shards in the face or broken sternum by the steering wheel, when you have an accident with a motorcycle. —Why? —Because accident on a motorbike means certain death with no further ado."

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Prends la route poster

Year 1936
Minutes 87
Category Movie
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