Poveste de cartier

Returned home after a year of army, Vio discover with surprise his friends and the neighborhood changed fundamentally. The area is now controlled by Davinci, a drug dealer because of which his father Vio lost the house, and for his friends, beatings with rival gang have become a way of life. Nevertheless, Vio is happy: he met the love of his life, Ramona, and between them grows a love story and they will do anything for that love, including him fighting on Davinci, who wants to take Ramona as his wife by force. Unfortunately, love proves to be not a sufficient condition for Vio and Ramona to fulfilling the dream,of love but makes you understand that not even in death those two can not be separated.

Yamaha R1


R1 or R6 just for the shade of blue.

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Poveste de cartier poster

Year 2008
Minutes 90
Category Movie
Genres Drama Musical
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